Buy Box Experts

Buy Box Experts

The Buy Box team applies decades of e-commerce experience to successfully manage our clients’ marketplace accounts. Our account managers specialize in combining an understanding of your business fundamentals and an in-depth expertise in the Amazon Marketplace. They work with our marketplace technicians using a system of processes, proprietary software, and extensive channel experience to ensure your Amazon presence captures the opportunity on the marketplace not only producing greater revenue and profits but also reducing or eliminating your business’ workload.

We pride ourselves on being one the few agencies with an SMB (small to medium sized business) division and an Enterprise division. We don’t commingle clients among divisions as each has unique needs and requirements for proper account management. By having unique systems, software, and people devoted to each segment, we provide the value each client expects and deserves.

Why “Buy Box” Experts?

We are a niche marketing agency, specializing in marketplace management for brands, manufacturers, and resellers. This means we devote ourselves to helping you sell the most product on channels like Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, Jet, Sears, Alibaba, TradeMe, Mercado Libre, etc.

Amazon is the 800lb guerilla in the room for marketplace distribution. Amazon typically accounts for 70% of an online retailer’s marketplace sales. Although we encourage sellers to diversify their marketplace strategy by expanding onto additional channels, we claim the most expertise and ability to benefit your business on the Amazon marketplace.

And on Amazon, the lifeblood of your seller business depends on the “buy box.”



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July 8, 2015

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