Cultivating Longevity from Social Influence in E-Commerce

Cultivating Longevity from Social Influence in E-Commerce

Many people dive into e-commerce world because it is convenient and easy, as long as you know how to navigate your way on the computer. But there are some helpful strategies to keep in mind. You have to stay organized, follow a plan, and stay educated on the best social commerce techniques.


Social media moves communities, and it also moves wallets.  People are influenced by the products they see being purchased by friends, so through the power of Google, they can now found anything they’d like to buy on the internet.  Social media can fuel eCommerce revenue.  That being said, the general social structure of communication and commerce has not changed drastically because of social media. Shoppers still want to feel connected to their sellers as if they could walk down the street in their hometown and browse their shelves.


Before you think of your business as an online business, imagine how you would manage the organization before the dawn of the internet. Business strategy has existed for hundreds of years without the recent influx of social marketing influence. In theory, digital social marketing is just reflection of the success of organic (non-digital) social relationships.


Your online business plan is going to require online marketing.This is obvious. But as Lawson emphasizes, online marketing often overlooks its customers in exchange for trending techniques and shortcuts. The best online business plans integrate their mission throughout thoughtful social interactions on Facebook, Google+, and Youtube.


Before you hit the ground running with your company, think about how you would explain your product. How would you engage with your products, and form a network without your sellers?  


Social works hand in hand with commerce; people come online because they want to connect with each other or they want to purchase something. Often, these goals merge. You need to be part of conversations with people that you would be having with or without the existence of the online marketplace. Learn from your consumers. Invest effectively on web hosting and promotional features.


Many sellers feel duped by a deceptive sense of independence offered by the industry. However, this illusory masterdom is confronted by the platform it relies on: Amazon itself.  Riding this beast can be risky; if Amazon were to fail, so would your business, so it’s important to diversify and be flexible.  

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