EBay Announces More Leniency Towards Seller Ratings

EBay Announces More Leniency Towards Seller Ratings

As the Prosper Show nears its colossal February 8-9, 2016 event, experts have already begun revealing third-party seller news, stories and tips, one being Hendrik Laubscher, an ecommerce wunderkind and Development Strategist at PriceCheck. Laubscher will also be one of the parties providing Amazon sellers business-focused e-commerce industry news at the show. One piece of good news that has been circulating the industry is that EBay is planning to give friendlier nods to sellers through seller ratings. Announced at EBay’s “Seller Summit” in San Jose, California, the news would mean that retailers selling for EBay will stop being penalized in ratings for returns, exchanges and late shipments (that beyond their control).

Starting on February 20th, more control will be given to sellers according to current President & CEO Devin Wenig — who may be trying to win some nods and good ratings himself since coming on at EBay.

eBay President Devin Wenig

eBay President Devin Wenig

Wenig, who took over as CEO from John Donahoe in July, said the changes reflect his new intention for EBay, which celebrated its 20th birthday earlier this month. Since taking over, Wenig has intended to increase EBay’s image as a people-centered tech company, as opposed to companies that work with drones, a possible reference to Amazon’s experiment with the machines. Amazon, EBay’s competitor is currently No. 1 Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide. With this move, Wenig may be attempting to inch EBay’s way up towards the competition.

Addressing the rapt crowd who undoubtedly had complaints about the former stringent rating system, Wenig promised to offer consumers and sellers a uniquely human experience. “Our experiences have got to be simple, engaging and trusted,” he said. “Consumers want uniqueness and a breadth of value—not just in inventory but in product experiences.”


Ebay Rating System

Ebay Rating System

Some of the changes involved in EBay’s dropping of sellers’ negative ratings according to industry news are:

Negative and neutral buyer feedback; successfully resolved returns requests; and “Items not received” requests that the buyer resolves. Also, EBay will consider shipments late in these instances:

  • Tracking shows an item was delivered after the estimated delivery date, and there’s no acceptance scan within the stated handling time or there’s no confirmation from the buyer of on-time delivery.
  • Buyer confirms an item was delivered after the estimated delivery date, and there’s no acceptance scan within the stated handling time or there’s no delivery confirmation by the estimated delivery date.

With the new structure, EBay will evaluate sellers on two measurements that it says will measure seller’s customer service:

  • Seller-canceled transactions for items that are out of stock or cannot be fulfilled for any other reason.
  • Cases that are closed without seller resolution.

Scot Wingo, executive chairman of ChannelAdvisor, an e-commerce services provider that helps retailers sell through online marketplaces, says EBay’s move will allow for a much more user and seller-friendly system. Wingo stated in his blog that the new feature will save seller’s time by automating the process of rejecting or accepting returns, ““This will eliminate the need to manually manage each request and provide the opportunity to customize based on rules that each seller configures.”

Included in the address was also the announcement of a “seller hub” – a centralized location where selling tools, guidance, analytics and the like will be available in one place. The hub will be set up to make information possible for sellers to check in with how they’re doing and get help if necessary.

The summit proved to be successful as Wenig’s address was lauded by sellers to be a great move in the right direction for EBay.

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