Joseph Hansen

Joseph Hansen

Entrepreneur and E-commerce Expert

About Joseph Hansen

Joseph Hansen is a seasoned entrepreneur and e-commerce expert based in Utah. Hansen currently serves as managing partner to four innovative businesses that he built from the ground up: Marketplace University, Buy Box Experts, DragonFly Commerce, and the PROSPER Association.

In 2012, Hansen founded Buy Box Experts, a marketing agency for medium to large scale online sellers. In the past three years as CEO, Hansen has grown the company from a small startup to an invaluable resource for hundreds of ecommerce sellers to increase their sales velocity and profitability while streamlining business operations. Buy Box Experts helps management teams to improve their models for product acquisition and distribution on Amazon and eBay, while also providing training and technical expertise for their staffing needs. By developing an innovative Marketplace Optimization strategy for e-retailers, Joseph Hansen created an invaluable toolkit for those looking to grow their e-commerce operations.

Building off the success of Buy Box Experts, in 2015 Hansen co-founded Marketplace University, an e-learning video course for Amazon sellers. Providing the tools and training to enable third party sellers to thrive in the crowded Amazon marketplace, this 20-hour video course facilitates sellers in all aspects of running an e-commerce business. Marketplace University’s management team has managed more than 10,000 Amazon sellers, generating more than $2.5 billion in revenue from online sales.

In 2015, Hansen also co-founded DragonFly Commerce, the first retail sales product-collateralized investment fund. As Managing Partner, Hansen oversees research software and analysis operations to purchase products to sell on various e-commerce marketplace channels, providing substantial monthly returns to investors. 2015 has also marked the launch of the PROSPER Association, a national association that aims to share best practice materials to online retailers and solution providers. The PROSPER Show will take place in Salt Lake City in early 2016 and will offer workshops and seminars for online business owners.

Joseph Hansen’s diverse leadership roles are united around his expertise in the online marketplace and e-commerce fields. His breadth of knowledge comes from hands-on experience in conceptualizing, creating, and selling several profitable businesses, and his current companies aim to share that knowledge with others in the e-commerce space. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Hansen has also co-founded Flirty Aprons, Lullabibs, and Sentrik. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University.


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